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Posted by AfroWhitey | Computers,Cool Websites | Thursday 21 January 2010 2:03 pm

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I am a big movie buff. I have a film degree and hundreds of DVDs cluttering up my house to prove it. My memories are more like scenes ripped from the big screen, full of intense action, gritty suspense, and random symbolism. They even have their own soundtrack. I am constantly using movies to describe what’s going on in my life, even using them as analogies in speeches and writing to better address a point. When I meet up with friends, it’s never long before someone is quoting lines from some movie we saw together. Needless to say, movies are an integral part of my life and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love the new website,

The site is pretty much self-explanatory, it’s a site full of movie clips, old and new. If you’ve ever scoured YouTube looking for that one clip from that one movie to share with your friend in an email, on Facebook, or on Twitter, then this site’s for you. The beauty of this site is that its creators, Rich Raddon and Zach James, have spent countless hours negotiating with all the major studios for the right to display their content legally online. In other words, unlike YouTube, who is being sued by studios like Universal for allowing clips from their movies to be shown, clips on will never be taken down for copyright infringement. You are free to share them as often as you want wherever you like.

Searching on

The site is simple and highly searchable. They have armies of film buffs scouring movies daily looking for keywords to tag each clip with. They mark everything from mood, to actors, to product placement, and more. They even have a feature called “we [heart]” that contains categories such as “Awesome FX,” “Alien Attacks,” “Die Already!,” and even “”Projectile Vomiting” to aid you in your browsing.

Sharing on

Sharing on MovieClips is easy. They have links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to make sharing even easier (I should note that Facebook embedding is not available yet, but is coming soon. For now it’s just link sharing). You can also use the provided “embed” code to embed the clip right on your blog or website. This is where I think the real value will come. I could probably find an applicable clip to any post I write (so be warned), and what better way to spice up a boring post than with a movie clip, not to mention the obvious application for movie critics.

Movie may not be visible in Google Reader. Please click through. is still in beta, which means they are constantly adding new features to the site. They have most of the major studios on board, but are still working on more, so if you can’t find a movie now, chances are it’ll be there soon. They even have clips from movies still in theaters, like Avatar. If you encounter any errors with the site, be sure to report them, their customer support is great. I heard back about my issue within the same day. So check them out and share some clips with your friends, I could easily spend all day reliving my favorite movies. Below is an interview my brother, Jesse Stay (@Jesse on Twitter) did with MovieClips’ founders talking about the site.

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You can also find MovieClips on their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated by for this post. This is simply a site I love and think should be more widely used.